12 Books Starter Set


Welcome to the world of Heroes, Leaders, and Champions. Our book kit includes twelve titles, each designed to develop a unique set of power skills. These books offer a unique approach for developing resilience, social, emotional and problem solving excellence. The world needs heroes now, more than ever. The world needs you.

Program includes 12 books, sent to your home, along with more than 30 on-line training modules with videos, activities, and games.



This is a home based team training program building resilience, confidence and a dynamic response system with you and your family.

Identity Shaping series creates an unshakable confidence

1. Hero in me: Recognize heroic qualities and potential

2. Me-Q: Offer self-understanding for a growth mindset

3. Role Play: Build tools for conflict resolution

4. Amnesia: Recognize self-defeating habits

Emotional Intelligence books capture the power of feelings

5. Stress Success: Manage everyday stress

6. Feeling Trap: Identify and escape intense emotions

7. Fact or Feeling: Distinguish between facts and feelings

Problem Response tools for advanced executive function

8. Game Plan: Establish step by step tools for problem solving

9. Griptonite: Identify thoughts that take away power

10. ReWop!: Transform problems into opportunities

Social Intelligence training for leadership & communication

11. Team Training: Create effective teams at home, school, or play

12. Battle Bullies: Understand bullying and unique tools for response


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