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Transform problems into power skills. We are on a mission to educate, celebrate and collaborate with heroes. We offer books, training for home, school and work to build advanced emotional intelligence, social intelligence and problem solving skills. These are techniques in creating the person you want to be using the same tools an actor uses to create a role for the stage. If all the world is a stage, what role do you play? Be the Hero. 

Heroes Solve Problems. Leaders Guide Others. Champions Overcome Challenges.

Practical tools, dynamic systems for teaching those hard to reach power skills. Increase resilience, leadership, and confidence. 

Powers in a Box SEL book set endorsed by Dr. Philip Zimbardo

We offer online or in-person, team building training for families, full school curriculums, as well as training for teachers and professionals. 

Award winning speaker, Diana Brittain Thompsn at the Colorado Charter School Conference

Diana B. Thompson is an award-winning speaker. She offers presentations on emotional intelligence, and training heroes.

Diana Brittain Thompson speaking on the Tedx Stage

"I spent significant time at APA (American Psychological Association) with Diana Thompson and her collaborator Dr. Brittain to realize her work on heroism with children is extraordinary in every way."

Dr. Philip Zimbardo

Former president of the American Psychological Association

Creator of Hero Imagination Project

Creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment