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CinderSilly Book Cover image

CinderSilly is the ‘anti Cinderella,’ perhaps the most important twisted fairytale ever.  This Cinderella is NEVER A VICTIM! She overcomes the bullying of her stepmother, teasing from stepsisters, hard chores, and doesn’t need to be a princess in order to live HAPPIER EVER AFTER.  CinderSilly doesn’t rely on magic to gain control of her circumstances.  She is a pro-active girl with a positive attitude, who proves that ‘life is what you make it.’

  • Hardcover: 38 pages

  • Publisher: Dramatic Adventures; First edition (April 26, 2011)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 0984735100

  • ISBN-13: 978-0984735105

  • Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches

Are you wondering what the song sounds like in CinderSilly? Here it is. Sung by the author. We hope you love it!

Chores Song -
00:00 / 00:00

It’s rare for a supplement to a children’s picture book to be longer than the original.  Empowered Princess takes readers on a journey beyond the fairytale.  We dedicated seven years of development to CinderSilly. This seemingly simple children’s book is packed with valuable learning tools.  Now you can access everything CinderSilly has to offer.   Empowered Princess takes a look at limiting messages in the traditional Cinderella story, and the more empowering lessons in CinderSilly.


Each chapter provides morsels of wisdom from which anyone can benefit.  Important passages have been set in bold for easy reference. Dramatic Tools You Can Use offers activities to make lessons even more concrete. 

Book cover for Empowered Princess e-book curriculum for CinderSilly
CinderSilly mini poster

About the Creators:

Diana B. Thompson (Author)

Diana B. Thompson has over 30 years experience working with children on social and emotional intelligence through the dramatic arts.  She lives in Denver with her husband, daughter and lazy cat.  This is her first children’s book.

CinderSilly is from the Fairytales and Feelings series by Diana Thompson.  These imaginative stories have been available only through live classes until now. CinderSilly is the first in a series of books and videos to bring the program to you.

Jill Haller & Thom Buchanan (Illustrators)

Thom Buchanan and Jill Haller have created magical art for children in their illustration/design studio for 25 years. CinderSilly is the second children’s book that they have illustrated.

Between them, they have been Artist-in Residence, Director of Exhibits and Creative Director at The Children’s Museum of Denver,  Tribute Artist for the Denver International Film Festival,  president of an ad agency,  college design instructor, graphic designers/muralists for exhibits for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, The US Forest Service, New Mexico State Parks,  and many other organizations. Their privately commissioned artwork is in private homes, offices and hotels throughout the United States and Europe.

Their favorite thing to do in the world is creating art for children.

Alice Becker (Lyricist)

Alice is the originator of Rhyme Follery, a unique style of musical storytelling.  She brings Dramatic Adventures training programs to schools and businesses throughout the South East.

Dr. Betty Brittain (Consultant)

Dr. Betty Brittain was a popular educator who spent her career working in the public school system. She served as a classroom teacher, librarian, counselor, assistant principal, Principal and a system wide curriculum coordinator After retiring, she kept her passion for education and for children alive through contributing to Dramatic Adventures, and fine works such as this.

"Good for all kinds of kids, but especially those in love with the idea of princesses! 
Both my daughters have gone through a stage when they adore princesses (thanks, Disney). I love this book as a counter balance to the romance and happily ever after themes we normally see in other princess stories. Cindersilly uses her wits, creativity, and a sense of humor to face her troubles. I like the positive message of the book, the lovely illustrations, and the interwoven song."

- A Sladek (Chicago, IL United States)

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