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Heroes, leaders, champions is an in-depth, classroom-tested curriculum with easy to use lessons, books, posters, and power tools. The program offers parent/ teacher training and resources that promote a problem-solving culture in the classroom, the school, and at home. The entire school community becomes engaged in being heroes, leaders, and champions to address issues that arise from social challenges to academic concerns. A common vocabulary helps to process disruptions quickly and effectively.  HLC has the elements needed to transform classrooms by putting students in the driver’s seat of addressing everyday issues. 


 The program begins with identity shaping, helping students to identify as problem-solving champions. Here, we use the same tools an actor uses to create a role for the stage. This is designed to help students create the person they wish to become. By using a theme kids love, imaginations and a sense of play are engaged. They learn to face challenges with a growth mindset.


 Next, emotional intelligence training helps students to recognize that e-motions are energy in motion. They learn to capture that power and direct it towards addressing every-day problems. Students develop a vocabulary for recognizing, identifying and managing emotions.  This promotes self-regulation and empathy. A simple, yet strategic system for problem-solving puts students in the driver’s seat for navigating their own challenges, while priming their brains for learning. With effective tools and resources, students learn to face challenges and win. This effective tool integrates seamlessly into the discipline model of the classroom.


Social intelligence is built through hero team building, role theory, and communication techniques. This dynamic and cooperative culture strengthens student/student, teacher/student, parent/teacher relationships; while creating a safe learning environment. Finally, games and activities support students in practicing their emerging power skills. The HLC method transforms problems into opportunities, whining into winning, challenges into champions.

I've been a teacher at this school for 7 years. Your program is what was missing.

Kinder teacher, AXL Academy

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