Summer Vacation

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

A family of 5 was excited for their big adventure. They'd never been camping before. After a long drive, they arrived at the campground. They quickly found a beautiful camping spot next to a lake. They pitched the tent and explored the woods. After a fun afternoon, they cooked hotdogs over a fire. Then, it began to rain... a lot. The rain began to seep into the tent from the bottom up, and the top down. Before they knew it, the water had saturated every sleeping bag, every pillow, and every backpack. The rain was followed by tears, anger and blame. 'Who chose this camping spot? Who forgot the rain tarp? Whose idea was it to go camping anyway?' The next morning, they all piled into the car and went home. It was a miserable trip they would always remember. No one could even laugh about it.

This is a story of another family, one with family team training. This family of 3 were excited for their first international adventure. As the train pulled into the airport, Dad realized he'd forgotten his passport. There was no time to go home to get it. Dad's first response was to apologize. "You two get on the plane. I'll fly standby and get there when I can." But his said, "No way, we're a team." Within seconds, the whole family moved into a Heroic Problem Response Mode. Within minutes they found a neighbor who could open the home lockbox to retrieve the passport. Within minutes they found a teen neighbor who would drive it to the airport. While Dad stood outside waiting, Mom and daughter checked all the bags and found their seats on the plane. When Dad got the passport, he rushed to meet them. The door on the airplane closed behind him. There was not a minute to spare. If they had wasted even 5 minutes on tears, frustration or blame, he would have missed the flight.

Every family has their own 'problem response system.’ This is the go-to for everyday challenges. What is your family's Problem Response system? Does it bring you closer together or push you farther apart? Vacations are the perfect opportunity to build heroic problem solving skills and strengthen your family team. Let us show you how. Since you joined our mailing list at the Denver Pop Culture Con, you are invited to participate in the beta-test of our on-line training for free. Enroll your family into our team training here. Hit the button below, and say yes.

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