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Powers in a Box 

The Powers In a Box  series includes 12 soft-cover 'power' books. Each one focuses on a specific skill development in the areas of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, problem-solving and identity shaping. Also included is one chapter book that shares the story of a child learning the tools. 

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The series is a color coordinated system for skills building.

Battle of the Books

This chapter book follows the story of a boy putting the HLC power tools to work. He learns the tools to become a hero, leader and champion. Battle of the Books is included in the Powers in a Box, or buy separately.

Battle of the Books includes a special note from Dr. Philip Zimbardo, former president of the American Psychological Association 



"This is the series I've been looking for."


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The full training program is available now

This is an extensive training for adults and their young heroes in training. Discover powerful, simple and fun activities to leverage powers in a box books for real-life learning. This develops the hard to reach soft skills that can make all the difference in success.   Designed or children age 5-11. 

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CinderSilly is the ‘anti Cinderella,’ perhaps the most important twisted fairytale ever.  This Cinderella is NEVER A VICTIM! She overcomes the bullying of her stepmother, teasing from stepsisters, hard chores, and doesn’t need to be a princess in order to live HAPPIER EVER AFTER.  CinderSilly doesn’t rely on magic to gain control of her circumstances.  She is a pro-active girl with a positive attitude, who proves that ‘life is what you make it.’

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"Good for all kinds of kids, but especially those in love with the idea of princesses! 
Both my daughters have gone through a stage when they adore princesses (thanks, Disney). I love this book as a counter balance to the romance and happily ever after themes we normally see in other princess stories. Cindersilly uses her wits, creativity, and a sense of humor to face her troubles. I like the positive message of the book, the lovely illustrations, and the interwoven song."

- A Sladek (Chicago, IL United States)

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