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School is Not for Me 

It was barely a month into school when a kindergartner uttered the words, “School is not for me.” She said it as a matter-of-fact, as if stating she would no longer wear skirts. Her mom was stunned. Obviously.

“Excuse me?” her mom pressed. 

“School is boring,” the child replied.

There were at least 12 years of school to look forward to, and in the first month, the stage was being set.

For many students, the stage is set at a very young age. What kind of student will they be? What kind of learner? These early questions and answers can determine long term success and failure – not only in school, but in life too.

If the first act is titled, ‘School is not for me,’ it will feel like years of torture.

As parents, how can we help our children – regardless of their age – engage their learning, the challenges and opportunities that an education brings?

These are three tools every parent can use:

  1. Watch for Feelings.  Feelings are clues there may be problems to solve.

  2. Investigate Problems. Sometimes the problem is not what we think it is.

  3. Ignoring one problem can create another.


After days of questioning her daughter about what was happening in school, this parent made an important discovery. Her child was struggling. Reading was hard. Other students were farther along sounding out letters and simple words. A couple of students were already reading books. This little girl, in her first few weeks of school, was in the process of making an important determination. She had already decided that she was not as smart as other kids. As a result, she wasn’t trying very hard… which meat that school was boring. A self-fulfilling prophecy was underway. This can happen to any student at any age.

One month into the school year, what is your child’s experience? Do you know?  Want a handy trick to get your child to talk about their school experience?  Watch for our next email – Getting Your Child to Talk. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. If I can support you in any way in helping your children (or students) in reaching their potential – in creating the hero they most want to be, please let me know.

All the Best,

Diana B. Thompson

At Home E-Learning 

We are in the process of transferring our great classes and camps into home based programming. Here, we will offer resources for parents to support heroes in training at home. There are two tracks to take. First, the the family training track builds a team connection for advanced problem response training. Next, is a track for parents helping to build their child(ren)'s self confidence, and resilience.  

This is a unique collection of materials, games, activities, and programs designed to teach advanced problem solving skills. Creative tools transform every day challenges from: Blame to Leadership, Avoidance to Action, Whining to Winning!

Why is a program in problem solving needed? Because successful businesses  demand  a workforce skilled in communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Businesses require teams capable of managing challenges from the workplace, the market place and the global economy. There is a big gap in the training of problem solving processes for real world issues. EVERYONE has problems. Few have a practical system for addressing them. Effective Problem Solving skills are critical from home and school, to the workplace and beyond. This program offers tangible tools everyone can use.

We offer programs and materials to build dramatically different skills for life. We integrate role theory, brain research, power dynamics, social / emotional intelligence, and stories from accomplished Heroes, Leaders and Champions. These quality resources promote improved health, happiness and success.


This essential training series is delivered through mini sessions. Easy to follow activities can be done in 15- minutes or less. You could spend years working to design these creative skills building tools, (like we have) or take a short cut to your child's success. This series provides easy, step-by-step tools.


  • Build a solid foundation of self-esteem that is resilient to changing circumstances, or outside forces.


  • Activate the power of imagination and creativity for real world problem solving


  • Leverage the Power of Problem Solving to build confidence, manage anxiety, 

  • navigate strong emotions, creative problem responses, build failure tolerance.


  • Transform emotional breakdowns to big breakthroughs.


  • Insight to emotional manipulation protects your child from sexual predators, con artists, and more.


  • Tangible set of processes and resources to address real world problems


  • Learn Leadership Communication, paving pathways that build relationships


Our playful power tools increase:


- Great conversations with your child

- More insight to how your child is thinking and feeling than ever before

- Feeling greater connections and family bonding

- Fewer sibling conflicts and positive resolutions

- Talkative teens

- Early warning signals for when your child is in crisis

- Improved kid confidence, leadership skills, & focus

- Transforming Problems into Power Play!!!


How to train a Hero Leader Champion Online Training Program is composed of: 

You want your child to have all the advantages in life. The soft skills such as confidence, goal setting and resillience are ctitical ingredients for success. 

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