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Diana Brittain Thompson

Speaker - Educator - Author

Diana Brittain Thompson headshot


Diana B. Thompson is an award-winning speaker, placing in the top 20 in the World Championship of Public Speaking competition, Vancouver B.C 2017. Diana is an expert in developing systems in emotional intelligence, (EQ),  social intelligence, (sq), social intelligence, problem-solving, and identity shaping. 


Diana believes that there’s a Hero, a Leader, and a Champion hiding inside of us all. With 30 years of experience developing her transformative message and delivering it to a wide range of audiences across the United States, she knows just how to help audiences uncover the power within.


Diana B. Thompson offers her audiences a life-altering opportunity to acquire the skills needed to make dramatic and lasting changes. She utilizes a series of tools and techniques that aid in self-construction. These include brain research, role theory, emotional manipulation, EQ and Emotional CPR; neuro-linguistic programming; and a dash of acting — in which Diana is professionally trained.

To inquire further, or to ask about availability, Diana can be contacted via email at or by telephone at 303-377-0785.



Diana has changed the lives of both children and adults. From bullied teens to at-risk youth, to aspiring sales associates, and nearly everyone in between, she’s used her time-tested techniques to inspire others and educate the power of emotional intelligence and problem-solving. Founder of Dramatic Adventures Incorporated — a program that provides a playful approach to developing critical life skills — Diana continues to implement her message by creating unique tools for home, school, and businesses.  To see a sample of her work, go HERE.



Building on the belief that there’s a Hero, Leader, Champion, inside of us all, Diana has authored a series of high-quality stories and supplements. Included is CinderSilly, a rich retelling of the tale of Cinderella. Her works offer empowering lessons for both the young and the old.

"What a high everyone was on yesterday at PIN!  You could just feel the energy and excitement from the parents about learning a topic that is pertinent, necessary and new.  I am so grateful that Lauren Kerstein recommended you to me, that a member in our PIN board was insistent that this topic be covered, that you were open and available to coming to PIN to share your expertise! Yesterday was the reason for why I continue to be involved in giving my time and talent to PIN.  For speakers like you who light up the audience and empower parents to think differently and thus change their actions. Many, many thanks!"


Susu Dugas, PIN Programming Chair 
Parent Information Network 
Cherry Creek School District
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